Full of Hell Ocean City, Maryland

Harsh grinding death from the east coast. Numb your mind.


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Track Name: Thy Radiant Garrote, Exposed
An endless sea of rhododendron
blooming within your blue ruin
a black ink curtain of oppression
presses flat in opposition
Your language is hunger, your tongue is desire
walk along the bank
sink into the fire
flesh pillar, scar stretched
star blight, stone etched
fucked wound, deep down
hands spread forward, stand resounding
spilling in, lung blisters gorged
wake up underneath my sun
underneath my gnashing teeth
awaken underneath my fire
crushed pillar withers in my fists
Onward, upward, forward.
Track Name: Bez Bólu
Languished sentinel will stand waiting.
If it pleases thee, it will beget me.
Free yourself from this bent vault
or die in prison.
Needles bow and hammers twist
on splintered boards and broken fists.
Let pain in
Let it guide
Let pain win
Let it decide
Cuticles rupture as hands pull forward to hold that which you've never known.